Work Permit

Work Permit

Work permits aren’t just essential for continuing to work or seek employment in Vietnam, but they’re also a gateway to other qualifications — such as a Temporary Residence Card (TRC), which enables you to purchase a motorcycle or vehicle. If you’ve been working in the country for at least three months, then you have to apply for a work permit. These permits last for up to two years. There are a few exceptions to whether you need a work permit. For instance, if you have a Vietnamese spouse or are an investor in the country, then this permit is not required. A key benefit to obtaining a work permit is that you won’t have to apply for a Visa if you were to leave the country and then return at a later date.

The Process

Work permits typically take more than a month to be approved, so it’s important to begin the process well in advance. The process consists of several steps, such as a criminal check, health check and employment history verification. Once granted, a work permit is good for two years from the date that it’s issued. Contact us today for more information on the process of applying for a work permit in Vietnam. We’ll help you understand the benefits, whether you qualify and then walk you through the process.


We’ve compiled some of the questions we’re frequently asked below. Please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered or if you’d like additional information on any topic. We’re standing by and ready to help.

What is it?

When you work for a company in Vietnam for more than 3 months, you have to apply for a work permit. It last for two years.

What benefit?

What requirements?

Whatever you get from your country needs to be legalized and translated. Some countries don’t need to legalize your documents to be used in Vietnam such as Russia

How long does it take?

Since you apply for the WP, it takes around 1,5 months

Work Permit exemption

Who can have this?

Do I have to do anything to earn this?

No, you don’t.

How long does this take?

As long you are still a legal spouse of a Vietnamese or a legal investor


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