Vietnam Arrival During Pandemic

Vietnam Arrival During Pandemic

It seems that vaccine passport will become true in the near future. We still don’t understand clearly what it will be like but it will be a lot easier for vaccinated people to travel here and there.

Until then, you can enter Vietnam as the following ways:

1. An investor: If you are a current investor and your name is on the business license of a company here in Vietnam, you are qualified for an investor visa. If you are not yet, you can still be an legal investor if you find a company in Vietnam and invest your money to get your name on their business license.

2. As an expert: A company in Vietnam needs you and they are willing to sign paperwork for your visa, you are qualified. You will need to bring with you documents such as university degree, 3 year experience from your ex-employer, criminal check,… to process work permit and TRC later.

3. As English teacher or other kinds of worker: The same above, a school or English center wants you and they are willing to bring you in, you are qualified. You will also need to bring documents mentioned above to process WP and TRC.

All documents need to be legalized at Vietnam embassy in your country to be able to use in Vietnam.

4. Spouse of Vietnamese:
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